Friday, May 18, 2012

Everything Was Fine, Until...

After lasts Saturday's marathon I slept like a baby - long and sound - and then in the blink of a thought, all that changed.

Why? Well as I innocently sat before my computer, typing this and that, getting some much neglected business done, an idea popped into my head with NO warning - and now that it popped I can't seem to exterminate the little bugger!

And here's the thought: "So, if I woggle the Colfax Marathon on Sunday (5/20) I'll be a maniac. Hmmm."

Okay, where did that come from? I've never given much thought to the whole Marathon Maniac thing. I mean, I think they're maniacs (in the best possible sense of the word). So why did this have to pop into my head?

Add to this the BIG mistake in judgement in posting said thought on facebook, and bamm - the sharks came to feed. "Do it, Do it, Do it!" was the refrain from all and sundry. Why did I post this on facebook? I know better.

And so for the past night and day and night, and now onto another day, I've been chewing and chewing and chewing on this.

Now I'm off to Denver for the RRCA Coaches Clinic - Two days of sitting on my tush. Good forced rest, I told myself two days ago. Gaaaa, too much time to think and ruminate even more.

So here I sit on the fence, making the bigger mistake of posting this here. 

The decision will be made.


  1. Hi Caolan:

    I am confident you'll do the right thing in the end for yourself. Your words do resonate with me a bit as I tried to "make up" for my 2010 Atlantic City Marathon. I wanted 3:40; I got 3:48. I decided to train for another marathon eight weeks out. I got injured. The following year, I ran Chicago on a hot day and ran a slower time than I planned. I decided to train for ANOTHER marathon eight weeks out. I got sick. So, powerful lesson here. Did I want it good or did I want it bad??? Was I chasing after another race to prove a point or for the sheer joy of the sport? Everyone's situation is different, but I know what my answer was. I wish you all the best in whatever you end up doing.

  2. Of course you're going to do it and you will get a Marathon Maniac number and a singlet and...

  3. Wish I could be that one voice that sends you solidly in either direction. I am wrestling with the thought of all these races I want to do, but, I'm just coming off an injury and know I'll overdo it if I do all that I want to do (plus, it would limit my training time). My marathon training will start soon (my 1st 'thon) so I don't want to jeopardize that, but, there are so many fun races and I want to PR so badly! Anyway, good luck with your decision.

  4. Whether you do it, or don't, you're still my hero :-)... or is it heroine? just go with your gut and be happy either way!

  5. Do a Pro/Con list (written, of course, so it's in front of you). Look at it for only 60 seconds. Tear it up, toss it in the trash, and do what's in your heart. When it all comes down to it, that's where the most life-changing decisions are made. No matter what, I'm with Jeff on this.

  6. Thanks for all the words of support and encouragement (either way) and wisdom. I have to say that the main reason I want to run this is to just run it. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself recently and I actually don't feel that in this case. Like I might be able to go out and enjoy running with other people, looking around, stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. On the down side, I don't really know what my body will say about it all. I feel really very good, barely sore at all from Sat, but I'm not stupid enough to believe that my legs actually are as fresh as the feel. Perhaps I'm over thinking this.

  7. For what it's worth, my friend Kathy is doing Colfax, just a couple of weeks after Big Sur. I don't think you'll be endangering yourself, and you'll probably have fun (I hear it's supposed to be nice and cool)...but I also don't think you should feel bad if you don't do it.


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