Sunday, October 23, 2011

Get Chronic: T-Shirt Contest

So Here's My First Contest!

If you like my blog become a "follower" through 12 noon (when I should be getting home from my Turkey Trot;) Thanksgiving Day and you will be entered into my custom T-Shirt contest (M/W/Y).

This is my way of thanking you for supporting this site.

That's it. That's all. Easy peasy!
But, don't just follow for the t-shirt ;) All current followers are already entered.

The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving!

Now, go run...far... 


  1. Very cool shirt!!! I already follow- crossing my fingers that I may be a WINNER WINNER WINNER ;)!!

  2. I follow as well. Love your blogs but i would like to know where one could get a shoften made without costing an arm and a leg. I've been wanting to make one for my family to wear when we run races

  3. Lacey Sue - Good Luck! (and if you don't win you can order one - look under "products") ;)

    Icnat_Foster - what's a "shoften"?

  4. Cute. I'm not an official "follower" but I frequently check in to see what's what.

  5. When are you announcing the winner?

  6. End of November:) I'll announce on T'giving ;)

  7. Fabulous!!!! :) Hope your doing well!

  8. Love the your blogs!

  9. Sorry..A T-Shirt made..I didn't notice that when I hit "Post".

  10. Icant_Foster - I do them through


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